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PongDS 0.3

Release 0.3: 12th June 2008 (1:11am Release)
- Added sound to the game.
- Added single player mode. You can control your paddle with the Left/Right on the d-pad or the A/Y buttons.
- AI has 1 difficulty... I call it "rediculus". It can be beaten though.. its just pretty hard.

Release 0.2: 11th June 2008
Added a main menu. Only the shared ds play works at the moment.
- Using different method for drawing sprites, now middle gap (where mic is) is counted for.
- Numerous speed improvements.
- Fixed bug: Ball speeds going faster/slower depending what way ball is heading.
- Ball bouncing off bat improved.
- Possible bug: Ball hugging the wall after you hit it. (Please tell me if this happens).

Change log (0.3):
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