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Platform-2.5D 08-31-12

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This started off a a request by a friend of mine for a PC code that would make his life easier making a 2.5D platformer.
The idea is to use screen-dimension-friendly coordinates for your 3d scene, low memory footprint and fast enough for any type of game. So this engine can also be used for Pacman clones, Space shooters, etc.
I was easy enough coding it for the PC but very hard when I rescaled it to the DS. So instead of each tile being f32(16x16), I just used f32(1x1). Yeah DS's v16 vertex suxxors.
Anyways, I'm posting it here for some of you who may want to develop this into say a paper mario, metroid, megaman type of game.

As for me, I'm doing something 2D.

Change log (08-31-12):
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