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Peculiar Voyage: Escape from Cute 0.2

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graphical roguelike

A button: attack monsters or talk to NPCs

B button: tapped and released quickly, will bring up the menu system for using items in the inventory.
B held while hitting D-pad will make the character run down a corridor or across a room
(until something "interesting" is encountered). Holding B when next to a friendly character
while using the D-pad to move "into" the character will let the player swap spaces
(for when the friendly character is blocking the way!)
The B button is also used to back out of menus or the Rankings page, Menagerie, etc.

L shoulder button: shoot equipped projectiles with a slingshot

R shoulder button: hold it to restrict the character's movement to diagonals

X button: brings up a status menu (currently just for saving the game, or showing the player's
attack and defense power)

Y button: hold it while pressing the D-pad to change directions the character is facing
without moving and using a turn. Tap the Y button in the inventory menu to sort
the inventory items.

Change log (0.2):

- a 30-floor bonus dungeon (with herbs, scrolls and beads unidentified), unlocked after clearing the main dungeon.
- monster item drops.
- new items and monsters (vials, and 3 new pouch types, a few new herbs, scrolls and
a new weapon, Bumble, Beetle and Catapult monster families).
- working gamestate saves for NO$GBA (in the April 09 version saves only worked on DS hardware).
- a strategy dungeon (single floor mini-dungeons to teach various techniques)
- a warehouse to store your valuable items.
- "VialTrial" dungeon where you'll find lots of
empty vials to use against monsters.
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