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nibbles 1.3

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How to use

use nibbles.nds with emulators, loaders and wifi
use nibbles.ds.gba for flashcarts

Please only distrobute this game in it's original archive.

Wifi only: If you boot from wifi and want to save settings, insert a
gba cart which has Game code as "PASS". Almost all ds homebrew
has this.

Sikrit stuff

Press start after you are done playing to restart


Dovoto, Joat, Natrium42, dslynx

Graphics by Whacko


Still got problems? Contact me at

#dsdev @ efnet

Change log (1.3):
1.3 (Neoflash version)

-new ipc
-built with devkitARM r15
-libnds compatible

1.2 (gbax version)

added: Fun mode:
-you can't die on the pen or yourself
-press R to change level up
-press L to change level down

added: Two player mode:
-Player one moves worm with touchscreen
-player two moves apple with + pad
-yes, it's weird and fun

These can be combined. (unfair for apple though)

added: settings are saved, can coexist with gorilla and tetris save
added: menu with options
added: sound, positioned depending on screen location
added: Wifi multiboot icon and description
added: more fruit, again!

Developer changes:
changed: uses the new versions of dsbuild and ndstool
changed: new loader
changed: new ipc-location, thus new arm7 binary


added: after play, press start to restart game
added: saves highscore to gba-sram
fixed: no more line-ghosting
fixed: uses ndslib, entirely selfcontained otherwise
fixed: integer to string conversion is much faster

Now contains .nds for emu/loader, .ds.gba for regular passme.


Initial release
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