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Navy Wars 20110213

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Navy Wars is the classic battleship game for your Nintendo DS.
The goal of the game is simple, sink all enemy boats before your foe destroys yours .
Using the most common rules for this game, one shot per turn, without the option to continue shooting if you hit. Every player has 6 boats, 1 of 4 tiles, 2 of 3 tiles and 3 of 2 tiles.
Once all boats are placed on the stage, in the desired position and direction, game starts.

To play Navy Wars in your Nintendo DS, you need a flashcard. If You Do not Have Any, You Can Play a aussi en DS PC emulator, like no $ gba .
To install the game, just copy the .nds file in your flashard then run it.
This games uses NitroFS file system, if your flashcard don't supports ”Argv”, you must run it through Homebrew Menu from Drunken Coders .

Change log (20110213):
Fixed ARM7 issue in DSi mode !
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