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MindMaze 8/30/11 FINAL

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MindMaze is a collection of puzzle games.

- How to Play.

Main Menu
At start, Mind Maze ask us to choice if we are right or left handed
and give us the possibility to switch languages (English / Spanish).
In the Main Menu, we can move the icons with the stylus, moving them
right and left. To select a minigame or option, we must tap
the desired icon.

1st Minigame - Slide Puzzle
The objective of this minigame is to solve a sliding tile puzzles of
3x4 in the shortest time possible with the less amount of moves.
A better punctuation, gives you more credits to buy more puzzles.

The 2nd Minigame - Couples
This is a memory game. We will have to make 4 pairs per round, in a
total of 4 rounds, leaving the "Jocker" card to the end of each round.
If we uncover before we lose all couples accumulated for that round
and we will start again.

3rd Minigame - Labyrinth
In this game you have to guide the ball through a maze to the exit.
To move it, touch it with the stylus, without lifting it, move on
direction that we want to move the ball. The ball will follow the stylus.
The more distant we are from the ball, we got more speed. If we lift the
stylus or the ball touches a wall, it lose control and we expect to stop
in order to control it again.

4th Mini game - Cubes
The goal is simple, build any of the 4 images available, turning the cubes.
To do this, we will touch the desired cube and you have to turn right or left
with the stylus. You can rotate the cube faces as many as you like, but remember,
when we put back the cube, all surrounding cubes will turn a face in the opposite
direction. To insert the cube, simply will touch the screen briefly.

Change log (8/30/11 FINAL):
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