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Magic Lines Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition

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This a "light version" of the original game published in 1990 on Atari ST and Amiga by Thalion.

The goal is to trace a path for the magic bubble so that it changes all the blue tubes in green.
The brown tubes marked of a "P" blocks the bubble a few instants.
The tubes green marked of an arrow return the bubble in the indicated way.

The game is played with the stylus, simply click on a block to move it in the free place. The button "A" make the magic bubble running at full speed.

This is a "light version" because I haven't activated the time, lives and credits due to a lack of time, but the 32 levels are fully playable. It's just a bit easiest than the original game

Change log (Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition):
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