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LuaCraft 1.3.8

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this game requires micro lua ds to be installed.

2D, Minecraft-style homebrew game for DS. Like Terraria, this early-in-development project interprets Mojang’s 3D sandbox game into a 16-bit-esque sidescrolling thing.

French coder Fantasix says LuaCraft — unrelated to the identically titled Minecraft custom server — has the basic functions of its progenitor: you can move, place, and break blocks, as well as create items out of blocks. LuaCraft also supports mods, so you can add content and features from other people (or make your own) to the game.

Keep in mind that Fantasix is putting out a lot of updates, which is awesome. If you can read French or don’t mind using Google Translate, you can follow LuaCraft’s development.

Change log (1.3.8):
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