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LOCKJAW is a free software implementation of the so-called Soviet Mind Game, a highly popular computer puzzle game that involves guiding tetrominoes into neat stacks in a well. This game was designed in the mid-1980s by Russian game designer Alexey Pajitnov and was first implemented in a software product called TETRIS®.* Other products implementing the Soviet Mind Game include Quadra, Abandoned Bricks, KSirtet, F.B.G., N-Blox, and Heboris. While originally developed to parody the behavior of a few notorious implementations of the Soviet Mind Game, LOCKJAW is now a platform for research into the properties of the game, into the effects of rule variations, and into the capabilities of the human mind to react.

Change log (0.46a ):
0.46a (2008-11-09)
* Preview at top is copied correctly from the back buffer
(0.45a regression, reported by rednefed).

0.46 (2008-11-08)
* Tracks number of 4x4 squares that the player forms
(TOD parity; requested by Ghett0).
* Added T-Party randomizer (requested by Lardarse).
* Default lock delay for Zero set to 40 frames, even if it is
played first (0.45 regression, reported by rck).
* "[TC]" removed from scenario names (requested by caffeine).
* PC: Uses fourCCs for option values in lj.ini.
* PC: Uses double buffer for entire background (bug 0021).
* PC: Can disable sound effects by deleting or renaming sound.dat
(requested by moxie101).
* PC: More of the code is 2-player-clean.
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