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Last Survivor 2.0

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No one had ever seen so much action and creativity together to give you a good feeling of pleasure, Last Survivor immerses you in the role of a person who has appeared in the middle of nowhere, mountains and deserts on one side to another, your goal is to build a home or shelter for the night away from the monsters that are scattered by such a mysterious place, an experience you could not miss. To be presented for the first Scenery Beta 2011 .

For some strange circumstances have appeared in the middle of nowhere, in an uncivilized place in which we only see mountains, deserts and snow fields s, which change every time you start a new game. The primary objective is to settle in this place, so we can take some of the ground tearing the stylus and put it where it suits you, or you can use the table to transform some of your objects in different ones, this technique makes survival much more interesting . Do not forget that you are not alone, you can find everything from scorpions paseándote or pigs to zombies or robots (the latter only in the dark), the pig is the only one who attacks you, and if you kill makes you regain life, the rest attempt to annihilate.

During the game you have a helpful menu on the top screen (which can be accessed by pressing Start), which you can see tutorials, you can put objects from one you already have (to activate this option you have to be next a table), you can organize your inventory (press the stylus in the boxes of inventory items) and you can save.

In short, your mission is to make a home well lit to ward off the creatures and get the best quality tools possible to deal with a lot of parts of the ground more quickly.

Stylus: Take some of the ground, put an object in your inventory on the ground, attacking a living or select an option from the main menu or the one during the game.
Control Pad: Move character or moves the selection in the main menu.
A Button: Jump in the game or choose the main menu selection.
L and R Buttons: Change the object in the inventory.
Start Button: Access the top menu during the game.

Change log (2.0):
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