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Kolmena 1.0.4

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Tired / a the classic chess? Kolmena is an adaptation for Hive Nintendo DS game, in which 2 players face a console testing your strategy and skill in protecting his Queen Bee while cornering that of his opponent an "army" of insects. The games are not very long, depending on the level of the players last 2 to 8 minutes or lengthened to 15 minutes or more in extreme cases.

The game rules are detailed in the same game and are almost 99% in the rules of Hive, the only difference being that for technical issues the playing field is limited to 60 boxes (there are no limits on Hive), and Beetles are not allowed to be mounted on other beetles. Perhaps the most purists do not see eye to these small differences, but I'm sure many others enjoy playing the game change the rules to develop alternative strategies or not very orthodox.

Change log (1.0.4):
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