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Knytt Stories DS 1.0a FULL

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Knytt Stories is a freeware platform game made by Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren ( The game include several short levels ('stories';), and there are many new stories created by the community that anyone can play.
As a tribute to this great game, we are developing a (free) DS version of it - Knytt Stories DS.

Sometimes, when playing a story, if I enter in a new screen the game freezes!
That's a problem in the underlying mp3 libraries. You will probably not find this error, but if you do, you have three options:

•Reboot the DS and play again. In most cases the error will not happen anymore.
•If the game keeps on hanging, disable the music on the "options" menu.
•If everything else fails, use the "compatibility" ROM .

What is this "Compatibility ROM"?
A version of the game compiled with older libraries. There will be some visual glitches, but the game should be playable in all flashcarts.

Change log (1.0a FULL):
Contains the 1.0a versions, 1.0 source, and additional "worlds" (levels) found on the homepage.
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