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KnightmareDS 0.3 ALPHA

An adaptation of the shoot em up released on MSX in 1986.

Change log (0.3 ALPHA):
Here are our loyal Knight Popolon back on our screens for our greatest happiness.

Modifications compared to the original game: I first tried to make a port as faithful as possible to this game so I reproduced the map stage01 "pixel-perfect, the graphics are drawn from a image found on the web offering the solution of the game and reworked by myself on M $ Paint. music has also been recovered on the internet and converted into midi format. IT by the software 'OpenMTP' on the advice of blah. Regarding the scenar and gameplay, I relied on the Roma game and an emulator MSX and for this work I have been the least faithful to the original: - break the premium squares of first time. - Waves of monsters appear at different times than the original (though I try to respect the max scenar original).

What remains to be done:

* Code cleaning
* Update of 'nil' missing output of prog
* Trimmings speed, moving monsters, damage
* Complete the managements of arms (the damage, but especially the movement of the boomerang)
* Puts the monsters and the boss and he set a strategy of attack
* Add sounds 'SFX'
* Still missing a few pieces of code and graphics (explosion monsters, shield, fire)
* Automate the sequence of courses. (Loading of maps, trajectories of monsters ..)
* Porting courses 2-8 (if it remains the VRAM available ^ ^)
* (...)
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