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Joy Destroyer 1.0

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Today we approach a new set of our experienced and Dioni0396 lua Coder. Joy Destroyer is a simple yet entertaining game in which we have to get as many points as possible by pressing the buttons of our beloved laptop. There are two game modes: Solitaire, in which we play ourselves, and Multiplayer, which will play with a friend who we will have to overcome. Participa en el Scenery Beta 2011 . Participate in the Scenery Beta 2011 .

game, at the same time simple, we will engage in a totally hopeless to the console, causing us to play long periods of time trying to get a score even better in solo mode and a score greater than our opponent in the way Multiplayer and all this within a graphical user interface pleasant sea. Surely a game that everyone should try.

To play this game need to run it from Micro Lua DS , which is included in the download (we should launch the file Joy.lua)

Controles: Controls:
In solo mode:
A: +1 point.
B: +1 point.
X: +1 point.
Y: +1 point.
R: +1 point.
L: +1 point.

In Multiplayer mode:
A: +1 point J1.
B: +1 point J1.
X: +1 point J1.
Y: +1 point J1.
R: +1 point J1.
Pad: +1 point J2.
L: +1 point J2.

Change log (1.0):
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