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Jewel Warehouse 0.4

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Jewel Warehouse FULL (FINAL)
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Heres a new puzzle/platform game WIP, the follow up to Subtera Puzlo. The idea is to collect all the jewels on each screen then head to the exit. This WIP version contains 15 levels.

There are various obstacles such as spikes, fires, acid drops, and puzzles to be solved such as pushing crates to make a path, and conveyor belts.

Controls: Press A to shoot water once you have the water drop. Press B to toggle the switch when in contact with it. Press Y to retry a level from the beginning. Press R if you get stuck and want to progress, or in the unlikely event a level is bust.

Change log (0.4):
Crate behaviour
Level 14 bug
Arrows only make a sound if a different level can be selected.

New features:
Turn sound effects on/off
Music, can be turned on/off independently of sfx.
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