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Halguens 1.0

Halguens is a Static Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. In game, we can choose between two different factions, dragons and phoenix, to fight in their ancient war.

Some game features are:
- Initial test to check the player's affinity with each faction.
- Client updates from console (it will download compressed and will be decompressed directly in the console).
- 5 complete armours for each faction.
- 25 different missions to complete.
- 4 haunt levels.
- 24 guardians (8 element with 3 guardians each one).
- Players up to level 100.
- General ranking where you can see the war status, the three best players of each faction and your own position.
- Possibility of create dual screenshots and save them to 'Screenshots' folder.
- Messaging system between players, even if they are not of the same faction.
- Dynamic water effect in game credits.

Furthermore, game has his own forum ( where:
- You can see the game's news and download it too. (
- You can view the user's guide and some other tutorials ( (for example, -- how to change the forum language).
- You can ask questions or report errors. (
- You can create guilds ( and fight against other guilds (
- You can participate in regular tournaments. (
- You can talk about what you want into the Bounding Rabbit Tavern. He's so cute! (ttp://

The game's music is made by a great compositor, Rafael Corpa, and in his webpage you can listen a sample of his work and download his songs, even the songs of Halguens. These songs are:
- Centuria: used in login window.
- Aqua: used in initial test and faction selection window.
- En la aldea del puerto: used for phoenix faction.
- La taberna de la aldea: used for dragons faction.

To install, just copy 'Halguens' folder to your flashcart's root.
If you have problems to launch the game, open it with 'HBmenu' included in the pack.

For some other question, use the forum.

Change log (1.0):
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