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Grid Challenge 0.84

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So first, what’s the aim of the game ?

You need to move blocks with stilus to make free the path for the master piece (smiley piece) to the exit.
But horizontal blocks can only move horizontally, and vertical blocks can only move vertically. The square piece can move both way.
See the screen :

There the path is free, just make the smiley piece out of there ! you win !

ok, but how many levels ?

There is actually 750 levels.

Huge ! but it already demotivated me, that’s to much

Don’t walk away, there is the challenge mod !
You need to play 6 levels that are choosed randomly with 6 levels of difficulty.

Hum what are those levels of difficulty?

Ok so,
Easy1 : nothing special. No stress
Easy2 : There is a step limit ! if you don’t make it in those step, you loose.
Mid1 : Time limit.
Mid2 : Time limit AND step limit.
Hard1 : Only step limit, but shorter !
Hard2 : Same step limit, but a shorter time limit is added !

Ok, but once done ?Â

You can play in Free Play mode for high score, either by trying to do the most number of levels continusly by difficulty. Or you can choose to beat your lower number of step :

and where can i see my scores ?Â

That can be found in highscore menu.

but are they saved ?Â

Yes, they are saved on your sram flash card. And the first time you will play you will see this screen to create one save :

Sorry for wmb user ! save wont work.

Wait are you fooling me ? I see i could win skins in challenge modÂ

Hehe yes, you can unlock grdilock skin by winning in challenge mod.
Here is the 4 available righ now :

And of course skins you unlock ares saved too.

How can i set one ?Â

Go in the options : and select it.
You can also see how many skin you unlock.

known bugs ?Â
Some probleme with sounds sometimes. Really minor and non bothering i guess.
Some save can be corrupted.

Did you work alone ?

All the code yes, but i was very helped by LorenzoLamas, lestat and Sylfurd for gfx. They deserve congratulation for their good works. Also Mollusk for PA_lib and community 
I didn’t invented the concept, Nob Yoshigahara did severals years ago as a book puzzle game.

Anything else ?Â
No i guess it’s enougth.
If you think about nice feature or bug feel free to post it there.
Enjoy !
PS : if some people have ideas for skins pm me to get a template 

Change log (0.84):
hatrix skinned version
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