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Gravity Force DS BETA-4

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Hi folks,

I like to introduce my first DSGM project, which is a remake of the already known Amiga Gravity Force. Until now it is about 40% completed: I managed some basics like Map, Camera movement, general ship movement (still need more adaptions), flash lights and a lot of sprites.

Here you can find infos about the origin game:

One major problem is, that the sound thrust sounds ugly. It is (re)started in each Step event if up key is pressed. Is there a function to check, if a sound is still playing?

And I have in mind, that PAlib has the ability to show a keyboard. Does someone used it with DSGM before?

DPad - left/right to rotate ship
DPad - up to fire a bullet
A - thrust

Change log (BETA-4):
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