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GeoWarsDS Final

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Here is a game that DayDream and I made for this competition. It is a space shoot'em up game. You must battle through waves of enemies to save Trinity and all of humanity.

There are two playable characters and you must progress through the game as both characters. (Progress for each character is stored seperately) There are some difference - primarily in the bombs. Alice has radial bomb controlled by the stylus and Mortymer has guided missles also controlled by the stylus.
The game is easier if you play as Alice but I think you can get higher scores with Mortymer once you master your bomb navigation technique.

Modes of Play
There are 10 missions, 10 Zones and 2 training missions to play. Missions allow you to unlock new areas and upgrade your ship. In Zone, you always start with basic weapon capabilities and can *ahem* evolve by collecting power ups. Be sure to enjoy the stereo sfx with headphones. Audio options are in the pause menu during gameplay

There are multiple levels of evolution in this game. You will see it in the story and through some funny naming references, but also throughout the missions you will see you ship & capabilities evolve. In intense battles you will see the explosions evolve into massive blasts. Once you have upgraded your ship by playing through the missions, the upgrades persist with you - so you can go back and play Mission one with all the new capabilities. So in this way, the game really evolves to allow you to max out scores.

I hope you will submit your scores online to show your capabilities in case of a similar strike against Earth. Online Leaderboard

Please enjoy!

Requires DLDI Patching

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