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Flyin 1.1 BETA

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A multi-language (currently English and German, depending on User's preferences) 3D game with little in-game manual...
Control a fly, discover the levels, find the green sphere. But make sure you don't collide with walls, objects, etc, as that wouldn't be healthy for the fly... and you would need to start the level again.
Use the touchscreen to rotate the fly (touch, drag into a direction and hold touchpen on the screen), it accelerates by itself. Red spheres will brake the fly on collision, in most levels you migt also use the L and/or R Key to reduce speed, but only for a limited time (see bar at the bottom of the topscreen).
If you want to pause the game, restart the level or return to menu, press START.

Change log (1.1 BETA):
v1.1 beta which can load custom levels from /data/flyin

check the discussion link, linked to this upload, for more information.
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