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dualHexen (DSi mode) 0.29 - 04/04/11

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This is a DSi mode version by Sektor of Dopefish's modified version of Sektor's dualHexen, a port of Hexen to the Nintendo DS. Note that Sektor's version is itself a modification of Rich Whitehouse's hexenDS.

• Saving/Loading games (however savegames are not compatible with the PC version)
• Inventory manipulation via the touchscreen:
- Touch the image of the active inventory item to use it.
- Touch the empty area just to the right of the item to bring up the inventory bar.
- Touch an item in the inventory bar to make it the active item.
- If you have more than 7 items in inventory, select the one at the edge to scroll, then return to your inventory.
- This interface could stand to be improved, but it is functional.

control configuration:
• A = fire
• B = use (i.e. open doors)
• Y = jump
• X = cycle weapons
• L = strafe left
• R = strafe right
• D-Pad = move forward/backwards, turn left/right
• Touchscreen = mouselook, inventory

How to use:

Step 1:
- Figure out what device you own
- hexenDS.nds is for GBAMP, MMD and slot-1 devices
- hexenDS.gba.nds is for slot-2 devices like SCSD and M3CF
- If you have a GBAMP, M3CF, SCCF, SCSD or DS-X then you don't need to use the DLDI patch. Skip Step 2.

Step 2:
- Download dlditool and the DLDI driver for your device
- Patch hexenDS.nds or hexenDS.gba.nds with a DLDI patch for your device

Step 3:
- Copy hexenDS.nds or hexenDS.gba.nds to any folder on your card (on DS-X it's best to use the apps folder)
- Copy a retail hexen.wad (19MB+) to /hexen.wad or /data/hexen/hexen.wad (that's X:datahexenhexen.wad for Windows users)
- Launch Hexen and hope it can find hexen.wad
- It should say "LOADING". There is no progress bar. If it takes more than 20 seconds then it has probably crashed.

Change log (0.29 - 04/04/11):
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