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Dual Step Revolution Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition

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Hi there
I was afraid not to make it in time but my entry for this compo is here : Dual Step Revolution

So what is this?

It's basically a Dance Dance Revolution for the Nintendo DS. The purpose of this game is to press the button at the right moment when the arrows are at the top. You have to press the right keys exactly when the arrows match the ones at the top. You have to do this until the end of the song. Keep an eye on the red bar at the right. If it's empty , you loose...

How to play

The controls are simple.

Left arrow : left d-pad or Y
Down arrow : down d-pad or B
Up arrow : up d-pad or X
Right arrow : right d-pad or A

Different modes

There are 2 modes for each song:

- Normal mode
- Survival mode

In normal mode , when you success at pressing the right key, the meter goes up. So when you missed some arrows, you can still have a full bar if you manage to press the next arrows perfectly.

In Survival mode, when you miss an arrow it will affect definitely your bar. It means you cannot have too much misses since the bar won't go up again.

Why only a few songs are available right now?

I'm still adding them as you read. I mean i suck at arrow timing and song choice , so it needs some time to have this set up since i'm all alone on this project.

Why using mod format?

Maybe i'll try to use other formats that would work great with filesystems like gbfs, but for legal matters i 'm afraid i can't have popular mp3s coming along with my game so i suppose i will have to support .dwi or stepmania formats in the future to make it easy...

Thanks to

Mollusk for PAlib
Dekutree64 for his mod player
all the community
and everyone who will play that game

Change log (Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition):
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