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DSLiero 2/14/11

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DSLiero 6/6/11
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DSLiero is a remake of the DOS original Liero for the Nintendo DS. Playing DSLiero requires a homebrew-enabled Nintendo DS.
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- Gameplay nearly identical to original
- Built-in level editor
- All* of the original weapons (see TODO)
- All of the original sounds
- Custom theme support
- Fully customizable controls
- Stylus aiming

Themes are files containing information about all weapons and objects in the game. For DSLiero, they are stored in the SD:/Data/DSLiero/Themes/ folder. Without a theme file (*.thm), you can only shoot explosion-trailed bazookas, so you might want to have at least one. To change your theme, open the Options menu and select 'Theme...', where you can browse your theme collection for the theme you want to use.

To create a theme, it's easiest to use my DSLiero Theme Editor, which can be found on the official DSLiero website. You can also create your themes manually (they're only text files anyway), but that's a LOT of work. A 'default' theme, which is basically a copy of the original Liero theme, can be found packaged with the game release. It can also be found on the website.

Levels can be up to 9 screens big (max 3x3), and can use the following textures:
- Dirt types: The standard destructible material
- Dirt: Default dirt color
- Green: Greenball color
- Red: Blood color
- Shell: Shell color
- Worm: Worm1 color
- Rock types: Standard indestructible material
- Gray: Default rock color
- Special types: Special materials
- Pass: Objects and weapons can pass through, but worms can't
- Eraser: Not really a texture, but it should be noted that it's there.

To select a texture, hold either Left or the A button to bring up the texture selection, then tap a color. Press Up/Down or X/B to change the brush size. Press Start to exit the level editor.

Levels can be saved on flashcard. On starting, the 'game' creates a 'data/DSLiero/Levels' folder. The levels themselves will be 4-20k in size. I haven't really tried to make a lot of levels, so they may become up to 30k, depending on how detailed your levels are. That said, you can only save levels on hardware. A few levels will come packed with the game release.

- CTF game type support
- Map display on top screen
- Stereo sound (everything's mono now)
- Random level generation
- Custom graphics support
- Fix non-usable weapon types (laser/direction steerable)
- Update AI
- Multiplayer (wifi/nifi)
- Custom graphics/sound support
- Worm options
- Add teams / team game modes (team deathmatch, etc)

- Background scrolls horizontally at 2px steps on hardware
- Pixel objects might not show near the top of the screen
- Some weapons may not have the correct behavior (Cannon: no delay between shots, Hellraider: no splinters, etc). This is due to the fact that atoi("10";) sometimes returns 0.

- SchmendrickSchmuck: Coding
- Joosa Rikkinen: Original game & graphics
- Using libnds

Change log (2/14/11):
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