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DSCrawl dldi beta 1

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This is port of Linley's Dungeon Crawl to Nintendo DS.
Dungeon Crawl is a rogue-like (similar to Nethack, Angband etc). It has close to 400 monster types and over 200 spells.

This is not just a straight port. Some effort has been made to make this port playable on a portable console - formatting the output into windows, designing an input system with shortcuts that is quick to use etc. I have personally played it many hours and I think the controls are pretty comfortable.

Change log (dldi beta 1):
updated for slot-1 devices.

- 'look' cursor display (last position is staying)
- fix time displayed at death
- improve keyboard look (more like old one)
- what about the VBLANK IRQs ?
- clean-up the sources
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