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DS Heretic 0.3

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This runs great with stylus controls much like Quake DS. A fun way to get some of that retro spirit back again.

To build a ROM file which includes the music, download the RAW files off the home page listed below. Further instructions can be found in the included ReadME.

Get the Shareware WAD here:

dsHeretic Version 0.3
Visit for updates and the latest releases.

The Shareware WAD will run with this build. The apps included in the zip file will build a .ds.gba only!! That is the way JMVA16 has it set up.

Read the included ReadME file for more information

To install:
Unzip entire contents into a directory.

Place YOUR Heretic Wad in that directory and make sure it is called Heretic.wad
NOTE: The shareware wad is named Heretic1.wad. You must rename it (or edit the "make_hereticfs.bat" file).

Unzip gbfs into the directory

Execute "make_dsHeretic.bat"
This will create dsHeretic.ds.gba

Flash dsHeretic.ds.gba onto your gba cart

Run it using PassMe/Wifime/FlashMe


Change log (0.3):
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