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DS Doom Unofficial 1.1.2a

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DSDoom 1.2.1
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DSDoom is a port of Doom to the Nintendo DS based off the Prboom source tree because of its purity and portability.

* DSDoom loads any Prboom-compatible IWAD file.
* Single-player is playable at very smooth framerates.
* Multiplayer network play is possible using DS wifi and prboom_server.exe.
* Configuration file.
* Sound effects work with stereo panning.

please note:
This is a hack of the old 1.0 sources to allow for multi-wad selection. this version contains many bugs. use at your own risk!

Patch the data/dsdoom/dsdoom.nds with your DLDI patcher.

put the "data" folder in your root directory. otherwise it won't work

Wad installation:
it's easy just put the designated wads in they're proper folders

Installing custom wads. If you want to play custom dsdoom wads you'll need to edit the Wadsel.

[Ultimate Doom]
savpath = doom1/
wad = doom1/doom.wad

[Doom 2]
savpath = doom2/
wad = doom2/doom2.wad

savpath = tnt/
wad = tnt/tnt.wad

savpath = plutonia/
wad = plutonia/plutonia.wad

For a custom pwad to work you have to do the following, I'll use KDiP.wad as an example.

[Knee Deep in Phobos]
savpath = KDiP/
wad = KDiP/doom2.wad
wad = KDiP/kdip.wad

Change log (1.1.2a):
supports multi-wad selection.
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