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DronS 1.6

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A light cycle game for the DS called DronS. For those new to these sort of games light cycles featured prominently in the film Tron and form one of the trifecta of hello world [of games] along with pong and tetris. Play is geared around 2 or more players (cpu and human available) but it resembles the mobile phone game snake or if you prefer nibbles.bas.
DLDI is necessary for saving configuration

- English, German, Czech, Spanish, Dutch and French laguage support
- Online-Multiplayer feature - Play against people all over the world
- Supports NeoFlash Rumble Pak
- Very customizable: You can set every color, speed, arena size, mirroring, acceleration, brakes ammount, maximal speed, rumble ....
- 3D-Gameplay:
-- It is possible to steer the camera
-- The "head" of the players are displayed as cars
-- Walls have some textures on it
-- The ground is mirroring everything
-- . . .
- The whole button-map is configurable

Change log (1.6):
Changed maxplayers to 12
- No more PAlib - I just kept the text-sheet
- Changed the default config
- Player positions are more mixed now; Every player starts on different positions
- (they no longer start next to eachother)
- Added motion support (change sensity in menu), motion is just taken as buttons in button-remap

Source: n00beys dev-blog
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