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Diablo sorceress 1.1.2

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This amazing homebrew game is a tribute to the well-known Diablo2 game. You play as a sorceress. A small questline has been added for testing purposes. Check it out by downloading it right now and playing it on your NDS!

How to play?

Pad : move
Stylus : Launch skill
Stylus + L button : launch secondary skill
Select : skill menu : touch the wanted skill with stylus, set secondary skill by pressing L+stylus at the same time (like launching it)
START : Pause
X button : savemenu
Y button : load menu


Wanna join this project? just pm LeRodeur on gbatemp, no particular skill is required! ;)

Change log (1.1.2):
For the players:
-Added a menu after splash screens, save/load/controls.
-Npc dialogue (with sound streaming) On
-Questline: small and simple quests. Complete the questline for a special reward ;)
-Finished waypoint menu
-Fixed some display glitches
-Adjusted some skills, firewall/blaze were too powerful

Code improvements:
-Map are now loaded via nitrofs, with text files for config
-Quests can be made easily via a text file
-Sprites/images are now loaded dynamiccaly, it's a bit more clean
-Cleaned some ugly parts of the source code (though theres a lot to do left...)
-Fixed various bugs
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