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Dave's MasterMind DS 1.2

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Implementation of the popular puzzle game. Short-cuts are provided on the "Settings" screen to set the game up as a game of Standard Mastermind, Mastermind Royale, Grand Mastermind, Super Mastermind or Mini (Travel) Mastermind. You can also specify your own preferences for number of holes, colours of pegs, peg shapes and number of turns to play your own bespoke version, a process that can result in anything between 125 and 100 million permutations. Not in any way connected or affiliated with Hasbro, Invicta or any official Mastermind organisation or website.

Change log (1.2):
version 1.1 - polished a few rough edges. Added "Clear" button, so you can start your current guess from scratch.

version 1.2 - Fixed glitch with scoring
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