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Crazy Golf 1.1

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CrazyGolf is a minigolf game, in which you must reach the hole with the fewest possible hits,
avoiding the falls and the obstacles in 10 different levels. It is in English and Spanish.
binary and Source-code are available for download. First version, if you see a bug, please report it.

There are 10 different leves, and 2 game-modes:
Championship: Non-stop 10 levels mode, with total score in the last level.
Levels: Choose the level you want, and try to improve your scores.

All the menus can be controlled by the touch screen, or by the digital-pad and A & B buttons.

In-Game controls:
Drag the stylus for adjust the direction and the power of the ball. Release it to shot the ball.

TODO list:
• Save scores on FAT, ranking.
• More levels.
• Improve collision system (0.5% of fail, but it's more than 0%)
• Multiplayer?

Change log (1.1):
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