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Color Lines 1.0

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The version created for the Nintendo DS game Color Lines is a simplified version of the superb version created for the computer Amstrad CPC in 2010.

It aims to introduce you to this game and if possible to play on the Amstrad CPC version is much richer and hard. You can use if you wish the CPC emulators for Nintendo DS (or Amed or CrocoDS).

Amstrad CPC version is available on my site www.cpc-power .

• DS Choice of the number of color (4 to 7) for the DS version
• DESIGN on one DS (many, but much more about CPC)
• DS Free for 7 blocks on DS
• No need to have a free path to move a box, making the game much easier
• DS Only one music on DS

Change log (1.0):
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