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Clash of Gods Rev4

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Clash of Gods (aka CoG) is a free fantasy-based card game for the Nintendo DS system. It tells the story of an epic war waged by the powerful Humans and the savage Beastmen. ItÂ’s a simple little independent project with a very small crew fighting against all the possible problems in the world to bring you one of the most fun card-based fantasy experience you can expect, and all that without a penny spent :)

Change log (Rev4):
+ Basic face-down template of card drawn (the big one)
+ Resolved some data manage problems
+ Some more music (this one will be for battle when implemented)
+ Save/Load stuff (basic one let's say it works)
+ New in-game menu buttons
+ More BASIC graphics (here and there)
+ Testing new way of managing cards in separate project (let's say it works)
+ Shuffling the deck and putting cards on "table" (mwahaha)
+ Checking what card is in which position (on that "table")
+ Displaying text info about selected card (again on that "table")
+ Drawing face-down template card (big and mini done)
+ Correcting statistics of cards in database according to the temporal graphics
+ Implementing the table to play (One Player Table)
+ Summoning cards to their proper places (for no cost for now)
+ Implementing face-down template of card (let's say it's done)
+ Drawing face-down template card (done)
+ Secret Codes Stuff (Ignismare gave idea)
+ Displaying card effects near them at the view screen (let's say it's version 1)
+ In-game menu actions (basic ones done)
+ Moving cards listing to pause menu (done under second option)
+ Adding one more SIMPLE background for In-game menu options (one-color IS simple)
+ Corrected summoning cards (well one summon and that's it for now...also for no mana cost...)
+ Adding some new cards that was done recently (and ordered them by number)
+ Yet another correction to one of backgrounds (small but annoying graphical bug)
+ Adding graphics for new cards AND correcting current ones (Done)
+ Clock function fixed (tough it may not work on all emulators, it's emulator fault then)
+ Fixed card listing problem where it once jumped from #1 to #3 (easy)
+ BugFix: Summoned Card jumps from place to place (temporal but for now it's ok)
+ Rechecking Cards for bugs (DONE!)
+ Special New Year character and Battle Event Trigger (Done!)
+ Merging Code (Kyahahahaha done!)

* All targets done here

- All targets done here

= Moonwalk, tough it was voted to be kept that way for now (insert laugh here)
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