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Cards Of Incantation 1.0

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Restarts the draft set of Magic cards for our NDS. Because of the problems it was causing her previous name (WagicDS), I decided to rename it so you can follow it without problems, to avoid possible accusations of plagiarism, use of "fame" and others.

I'm using the letters of the 11th edition. I want to add more but to start using the latest (or at least the last of which I have knowledge).

Use libraries NigthFox (nflib), so you will have to have to run your flashcard updated to run homebrews using these libraries or throw the tool hbmenu.

Thanks are due to The Dark Master Page for ingenuity in the name and the cover image.

Change log (1.0):
Now you can play! There are some things to polish, but the decks are shuffled properly and can play cards from the decks out, rotate and move (change their orientation depending on the screen in which they are).

Board icons indicate each stage of the shift are: Right, Rob, Phase 1 Spell, Combat, Spell Phase 2, End of turn (which will rotate the icons to be visible to the other player). To rotate or derotate letters, press the R or L according to the player to be.

To improve the duels, changed the structure of the deck, adding a variable that stores the total number of cards you have the deck, so you will have to re-create the deck (if you have in your root of the card mazos.dat file, borradle) to generate the file in the root mazos.coi your card.
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