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Car Physic Demo v5

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Car Physic Demo v6
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I've made a racing demo a while ago, where you drive a Ferrari F40 on the grounds of the Norisring.

It's a very dark Demo, because I haven't included a sky. The graphic part was not so important for me for this version.
I've used models that I've found on several pages. The F40 is from a NFS-Page and the track is a model that was converted for so I don't know from which original game it is.

More important was the physic that is mainly code by Marco Monster. I tried to get it stable and to have a good feeling for driving a car. Because of this I've included the Norisring but only the important parts of the track. It's only there for testing the driving. It's a complete flat track so I hadn't to change the 2D physic engine much.

At the moment I'm working on the graphics and the collisions. So I hope to release a new version in the near future.

For more informations and links (about car physic in general) visit my page.

CarPhysics5_NDS.nds (683 KB)


Left | Right = Steer Left | Right
R = Accelerate
L = Brake
Select = Reset
Touch "back" | "next" = Previous | Next Screen

- No DLDI used
- Tested with M3 DS REAL on Hardware and no$gba

Change log (v5):
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