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Blox 0.6 (6/18/11)

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Hey all,

I think some of you know I've been working on a huge game past months. I'm finally officially releasing it!

Website: (thanks to Kiefer (mango[and other fruits]))

You can download levels on the 'Levels' page of the website.
To use the (.blx) levels put them somewhere on your flashcard and browse to them with 'Play' button in Blox' menu.

Currently, there are 6 levels for FREE users and 10 levels for PRO users.

To get PRO go to the 'Going PRO' page of the website. It costs €3,-.

If you have PRO you can use all PRO levels AND you are able to use the Level Creator in Blox' menu.

- Automatic update via WiFi (click 'Update' in Blox' menu)
- Download levels via WiFi (click 'Levels' in Blox' menu)
- Multiplayer via multicardplay (click 'Multi' in Blox' menu)
- Level Creator for PRO users
the other functions are pretty obvious.

I'm still creating new levels and updates so make sure you check the 'Update' and the 'Levels' button sometimes. If you don't have WiFi on your DS you can just go to

The game doesn't work properly in an emulator so play it on a REAL DS

Change log (0.6 (6/18/11)):
level creation now available in free version. only pro users can load levels.
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