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Bang 1.0

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Coder's hand Dioni0396, I bring you a new homebrew created with Micro Lua DS , which will aim to shoot the silhouettes put us, considering that we have a stopwatch to time limit and a marker to see the silhouettes we shot a homebrew that will definitely hooked. The author promises better graphics.

Author: Dioni0396

The objective of this game is to shoot the silhouettes to increase your points, as we move forward we will play more silhouettes and the clock will go faster and have less time, the author promises more entertaining new updates and better graphics.

The game is programmed in Micro Lua DS .

The installation is really simple, descargarmos RAR and extract the root of your flash card, then download Micro Lua DS , and we extract the root of the flash card, and go to games menu and select the game Micro Lua DS and, once loaded select script.lua and we have our game.

In the main menu:

A: Select an option / level.

In Game:

D-Pad, Up: Moves the look up.
D-Pad, Down: Moves the looks down.
Digital Pad Right: Move to the right looks.
D-Pad, Left: Moves the look to the left.
L Trigger: Reload bullets.
R Trigger: Shoot.

Change log (1.0):
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