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Back From Ashes WIP 1.1

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Back From Ashes (WIP) is a sequel to The Fifteenth Floor. It takes place one year after the events of TFF. Ever since the incident at Small Valley Inn, Jacob Fazi stays reclusive inside of his small apartment. But when a mysterious package arrives at his door, he soon finds out his misfortunes are closer to home.


Change views by using the directional pad.

To view things in the environment, simply tap on them.

To use an item, touch it and it will become highlighted. Then touch the item in the scene you want to use it with. To exit this mode, press the X icon.

To combine items you have in your inventory, first highlight the item you wish to use. Then click on the inward facing green arrows. This will take you to the combine screen. Then drag the two items together that you with to combine.

Change log (1.1):
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