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Arsenal 1.0

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Short Description: A shoot em up in dual 3D. Made to be quite difficult, so a shot in the mouth and you're dead. The game includes a level (but what level!), and a great level editor too well. (he surely must have the latest version. NET to run it)
To rotate a level you just drag its folder in the Shmup / levels that you previously placed at the root of your card. (Note: This folder is only needed to run custom levels, the game runs fine without otherwise)


Change log (1.0):
It now includes more levels (including a new 3D background for level 5 !),
more music (including boss music !),
replay files for every level (except level7 which I kinda want to keep "secret" and exclusive to people who can actually finish it tongue.gif),
the game is more polished (added transition effects, fixed the menu), and it's possible to control the menu using only the D-PAD and A button.
Oh, and I added some features to the website, including what Sir_Voe suggested about highscores display, and it's now possible to upload and download replay files to/from the leaderboards.
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