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ArkanoiDS Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition

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ArkanoiDS is a clone of the popular breakout/arkanoid game. Currenty, ArkanoiDS has 10 built in levels complete with 6 different type of bricks. The different color of bricks are (from easiest to hardest) Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Red and finally Purple. In ArkanoiDS you are not limited to only moving the paddle left and right, with the stylus you can move the paddle anywhere on the bottom screen.

Touch Screen - Move paddle, Select menu options...

Final version now out!! VERY improoved. Paddle colision is now 100% fixed. Should work on hardware. 10 challenging NEW levels (except for the first and the second). A nice menu. etc.. etc...

Change log (Neo Flash Compo 2005 Edition):
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