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AlienDS r1

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AlienDS 10/25/08 Test Version
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The first demo of Pac's homebrew FPS for the DS.

Author's announcement:
I'm new here (and to ds development) and I wanted to get some feedback on this game I've been developing this past week. It's a little FPS, with aliens!
At this point it's still a work in progress, only 3 levels, very few SFX and just one weapon, but I think there is already enough to show and get some suggestions.

The controls are:

pad - move around
l/r - strafe (yeah, no stylus controls yet)
a - shoot
y - reload ( you have unlimited ammo, but have to reload manually)
start - pause
select - return to title screen

In each level there is a blue key hidden that is needed to open the exit door.

Also, some credits, I used the NitroEngine to help me code this, very nice!

Change log (r1):
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