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A Cup of Tea Super Yeti Edition (ACOTSYE)

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ACOTSYE is a first person shooter made with my "FPS Maker" engine, which I am also entering. Unfortunately, I had to rush development to get it "ready" in time for the competition, so it's quite buggy, and a lot of things can/will be improved, including performance. However, this game does feature a lot of nice things such as lightmapping, (very basic for now) dynamic lighting for enemy models, smooth interpolated animations and more.
It's also a "remake" of a game lobo and I made a while ago named ACOTV8RE. While V8RE was impossible to finish for most people, I hope you'll find this one to be more accomodating, while still remaining quite a challenge.

Controls :
- ABXY/D-PAD to move
- Touch screen to aim
- R/L to shoot
- Select to open doors

I included both a nitroFS version and a FAT only version, just in case.

Change log (Super Yeti Edition (ACOTSYE)):
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