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Pokemon White (J) Update 4 1.0

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Pokemon White (J) Update 5 Final 1.0
Caught All 156 5th Generation Pokemon

5 Badges earned

Team Lineup

Lv 100 Tsutarja
Lv 100 Latias
Lv 100 Latios
Lv 100 Chillarmy
Lv 100 Charmander
Lv 100 Mew

On Tower Of Heaven

Also In Pc the 6 Boxes Are All lV 100 Pokemon From The 5th Generation Set!
Few From The Older Generations

Have Fun And Keep Looking For My Next Update

Credit Goes To Paul Gustafson For This Save File!

Email SuperGustafson9@Gmail For Questions!

Change log (1.0):
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