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pokemon black sav. file 1.9

in the party is kyurem lvl75 carracosta lvl100 zekrom lvl100
serperior lvl100 archeops lvl100 and reshiram lvl100
in the pc is darmanitan lvl35 conkeldurr lvl25 herdier lvl26
joltik lvl24 klink lvl25 ferroseed lvl24 stoutland lvl38 drilbur lvl24 zebstrika lvl31 victini lvl41 excadrill lvl35 druddigon lvl31 golett lvl30 watchog lvl43 krookodile lvl69 hydreigon lvl68 swellow lvl47 and emboar lvl100 tms and hms:psyshock toxic blizzard hyper beam thunderbolt thunder shadow ball double team fire blast rock tomb torment thief overheat energy ball fling skydrop acrobatics shadow claw payback retaliate giga impact flash volt switch struggle bug bulldoze frost breath x-scissor dragon tail work up flash cannon cut fly surf and waterfall
564 rare candy 489 full restore 196 revivval herb (works the same as full revive) 4 pp up

played out the story mode (defeated n and ghetsis) still have the find 5 sages gender character boy named robijn.

Change log (1.9):
kyurem is lvl100 now

have a relic band a relic crown a stone plate a insect plate mind plate toxic plate earth plate 2x relic vase relic gold relic statue iron plate flame plate 2x relic copper dread plate razor claw 899 master ball prism scale protector 99x red shard 100 water stone 99x blue shard lustrous orb big mushroom x attack
pearl 900x rare candy dragon scale deepseatooth 896x master ball ring target float stone 99x poke toy 100 sun stone firestone 102 star piece dragon fang shiny stone 3x stardust cleanse tag exp. share 100x nugget 4x pass orb magnet fighting gem brightpowder timer ball lucky egg 157x max repel nevermeltice net ball 100x leaf stone 100x big pearl expert belt 198x super repel 14x ultra ball heart scale blackglasses smoke ball miracle seed 2x moon stone 2x geat ball 4x heal ball 100x repel 95 escape rope 883x master ball 85x poke ball big nugget all tm's and hm's all beries and have still 4 sage's to find.
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