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More Brain Training (E) - All (10+1) Training Programs

More Brain Training (E) | 19 July 2007 11:07PM GMT+10

22 Stamps: 28 June 2007 (Rom Dump) to 19 July 2007 (Present)

10+1 Training Programs:
1. Missing Symbols +hard
2. Masterpiece Recital +hard (also Song Selection unlocked - 22 Songs)
3. Word Scramble
4. Correct Change
5. Word Blend +hard
6. Memory Addition +hard
7. Days and Dates
8. Finishing Position
9. Determine the Time
10. Calculate the height (gotten today)
also 11. Germbuster

Sudoku: only 4% Don't care about this.
Last Brain Age Check: 27

Originally an M3SD .dat save, converted to R4 .sav

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