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Megaman Starforce 3 B.A. SAV U.S V3

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Just my sav file for Mega Man Starforce 3 Black Ace
(also known as Shooting Star Rockman 3)
I completed the story,
Beat Sirius,
Got all Standard,Mega,and Giga Cards,
Hp is around 1900,
I also have rougue noise,
um...and alot of money?
I suggest you change the Codename
The original is "Shadow"(AKA Me)
And if you ever battle me on wifi,
please dont run away or turn off the game -_-''
This will probely be the final save
because i dont want to upload the ultimate save
i hope i battle one of you guys one day
i mean battle one of me one day XP

Leave a comment if you want
enjoy ^^

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