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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded 1.0

HP 400
Strength 200
Magic 200
Defense 200
Luck 14

Fire Proficiency 56%
Fire Resistance 56%
Blizzard Proficiency 56
Blizzard Resistance 68%
Thunder Proficiency 56%
Thunder Resistance 56%
Aero Proficiency 32%
Aero Resistance 56%
Cure Proficiency 28% (Almost max heal with crown level cure command)
(Achieved this by using only +4 panels, except +1 for luck, +8 for hp and trophy chips)

Rare prize blox found 100%
Unique enemy loot found 89%
missing loot from
- Black Fungus
- Angel
- Eliminator
- Gold Tricholoma

System sectors completed 100%
Stat matrix progress 100%
Cheat types used 100%
Chips/cheats/items/etc. found 99% (D-Firaga missing)
Unique avatar parts found 53% (Too much!)
Avatar Sector 100F complete
Enemy Typs Defeated 100%
Keyblades upgraded to max 100%
Unique Commands upgraded to CR 100%

Story completed
Quest completed 100%

Have every command at least once.
Have maxed every command

US version
DSTWO sav.

Change log (1.0):
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