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Fossil Fighter Champions (rupert battle bypass) sav file + Arm7.bin 1.5

1.5 - use a tool for extract full rom ds lazy

2 - replace arm7.bin from the usa version using ds lazy

3 - repack completly and save as new rom

4 - enjoy

for fix metod by yourself

for first time playing this game test on No$gba and after in playtroght then save often the game.

then import the sav file on Desmume wen you continue and after this await for end on rupert battle and re save again.

After done save go to option export backup save data and convert to save file to No$gba and replay on it withouth any problems

Change log (1.5):

this is my save data can allow to bypass the battle with rupert + arm7 for fix by yourself enjoy

any problems? comment bellow or in my topic
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