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Animal Crossing Wild World M3real

Town name:Rainbow

"don't delete the two players if you want the patterns at the ground :Kazuo and Mayette"


flowers are unique at the Mansion including Gold Roses,and Jacob's Ladder...

Royal crown on the 1st player and a crown on the 2nd player^^^^^^

HRA points:107,662
all basics,relaxing,and safe environment....

Lotsa money in the bank! :yayds: :yaypsp: :yaysp: :grog: B-)

Complete fossil in the museum

One more fish (loach) for Kazuo's collection and 4 bugs more to complete the bug collection :D

Golden net,G. axe,G. slingshot,G. watering can,G. fishing rod,and G. shovel....


note:I am not yet done with the patterns so please continue using the patterns.... :unsure:

ENJOY!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

*M3real save file.....*
(please COMMENT!!!vvv)

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