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3333 - Big Bang Mini (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

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This is a 100% save game for Big Bang Mini. It is the American Version.

3333 - Big Bang Mini (USA) (En,Fr,De,Es,It)

To change the language go into the 'Options' Mode. You have a choice of English, French, Spanish, German & Italian.

Unlocked 'Challenge' Mode.
Unlocked 'Versus' Mode.
Unlocked 'Relax' Mode.
Unlocked 'Mission' Mode.
Unlocked 'Alarm Clock' Mode.

All 90 out of 90 (9 Zones) Arcade Mode Levels Completed.
All 10 out of 10 Bosses defeated, including the game over sequence.
All 81 out of 81 (9 Zones) Arcade Mode Bonus Pictures Collected.
All 25 out of 25 Mission Mode Levels Completed.

About the Save game:

Everything is unlocked and available for you to play. You can select any of the 90 levels from Arcade Mode, try out any of the 25 Mission Mode levels, Look at the Firework display via Relax Mode, listen to the music via Alarm Mode or try out Challenge Mode.

'Mission Mode' - The game gives you set missions to accomplish, some are difficult.

'Challenge Mode' - Allows you to play a Mini-game, try and beat 250,000 (My highscore clocked via Mission Mode)

'Relax Mode' - Allows you to see all the firework displays for all the areas in the game at your leisure.

'Alarm Clock Mode' - Let's you play any of the music themes from the game, you can set your alarm for your DS too to wake you up, do this via closing your DS.

To fight the final boss(Alphabet - 5 mini bosses) you need to go into 'Arcade' mode and choose the 9th zone. From here you should choose the icon which says B.O.S.S, there should be a tick to signify the enemy has already been defeated.

The game is 100% Finished.


R4DS save file (v1.18)

Change log ():
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