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Wood R4 1.47

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Wood R4 1.62
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Wood R4 is the most famous alternative to the original R4 menu. It brings tons of new exclusive features, perfects ROM compatibility and support along its numerous updates, it is by far the best system for your flashcart. There are multiple versions available, this one being the orignal version, for the original R4. exclusive software release!

Change log (1.47):
- switched to devkitarm r38.
- improved stability.
- improved loader stability.
- improved softreset stability.

- 'inazuma eleven 2 - tempesta di fuoco (italy)' fixed.
- 'inazuma eleven 2 - tormenta de fuego (spain)' fixed.
- 'new horizon - english course 1 (japan)' fixed.
- 'new horizon - english course 2 (japan)' fixed.
- 'new horizon - english course 3 (japan)' fixed.
- 'jam with the band' 32MB savesize changed to 8MB.
- 'made in ore' 32MB savesize changed to 16MB.

r4i specific:
- added additional info about card in help window.
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